Cover Art


I want to share with you the background story behind the cover art that ended up on my book, The Genesis Approach to Art, which will be released sometime in June 2013.

Years ago I was captivated by the idea that the waters from the earth evaporated into the atmosphere and then rained down again as fresh water. It seemed to speak to me of an ongoing process of regeneration. I accomplished this oil painting to express the beauty of the interlocking, interconnecting relationship of nature. For want of any better title I called it “Creation.”

During the year that it took me to write my book I have also been engaged in a study of the Hebrew roots of Christianity. To do so I read the weekly portions of scripture with various commentaries from Stone’s Chumash and Volume 1: Unrolling the Scrolls, from First Fruits of Zion. One week I came across a passage discussing “living water.” Living water is a term used to describe moving water from a natural source. Creeks, rivers, springs, and streams are all sources of living water. A well or a cistern on the other hand is not living water.

Living water is a symbol of God’s mercy and goodness to all of mankind. God provides the living water to whomever approaches and drinks. Wells and cisterns are symbols of man’s efforts to meet his own needs. They are the results of human effort and belong to whoever built or dug them.

Some of the ancient sages believed and taught that the living water on the earth has remained consistent since the beginning of time. Through the process of evaporation and precipitation we are still enjoying the same living water that God provided in Genesis.

Since that was exactly what my painting was about I renamed it to Living Waters. I thought it was a good image for my book since I am suggesting that art, too, began in the first pages of Genesis, it is given by God, and we are still visually receiving the benefit of the original creation. I’ve also used sections of the painting on the Facebook page, the website, and as the header for this blog site.

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