Fighting the Culture War

A friend commented that she didn’t understand the “Follow” thing that I had requested in an e-mail. We are all struggling to make sense of this electronic age, aren’t we? After talking to her, these thoughts occurred to me.

It seems to me that the internet has given us several communication genres. There are social media sites that seem to be designed for quick networking between friends, family, and business associates. They seem well designed for short, personal exchanges. Then there are websites that are more static places for businesses and organizations to present their goods and services. And finally there is the “blog-o-sphere” which seems to be the internet’s version of a giant news network. Sort of like AP on steroids.  In addition to actual news sites, it is full of editorials and feature articles. So each blog is like a feature writer for the local paper. Someone starts a blog when they want to routinely share thoughts and ideas in longer, more formal pieces, and they want to reach the whole world not just their “friends” on Facebook.

Anyone can start a blog which is good, but the only way a blog writer can build a reputation is by their “following.” Now here is my point. Over the years we have learned that if we, as people of faith, want to impact the culture we’ve got to take action. We’ve learned to support businesses who take stands that we like, and we’ve shunned those whom we disagree with. We’ve learned to attend movies that had themes we wanted to see advanced and boycotted those that we disapproved of. We’ve tuned in and turned off the TV to express our support or show our disapproval. We’ve attended concerts or stayed away with the same discernment.

The blog-o-sphere may not be the last frontier that we will have to tame, but it is at least this decade’s “wild west.” So, once again people of faith need to take action. Find blogs that you like and click the “follow” button. (Of course it goes without saying that you will start with MINE: ). The only thing that will happen from your perspective is that you will get an e-mail notification when that writer has posted something new. In my case it will be about once a week. I have figured out how to link my blog site to my Facebook page, but not all blog writers do. The advantage of being a “follower” is that if they are not linked, not your “friend”, or you don’t get to Facebook for a few days you won’t miss something that you are interested in. From the perspective of the culture at large, if Christian writers have huge readerships it will send the message that people of faith are a powerful group by their sheer size, and we are showing the world by our actions those things are pure, and lovely, and of good report.

So strap on the whole armor of God and get in the fight. The Culture War rages on.

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