Recognizing Purity

For the last several years I have been studying the Hebrew roots of Christianity.  Not too long ago I came across an interesting explanation for the terms “pure” and “impure.” In Hebrew the word for “pure” is tahor and the word for “impure” is tamie; however, in Hebrew the same words are used for “transparent” (tahor) and “opaque” (tamie).

Now we often use the terms transparent and opaque in art. When something is transparent it allows light to pass through offering no resistance. We can see through something that is transparent. Now consider that Yeshua (Jesus) is called the “Light of the World.” For us, as God-fearers, to be considered “pure” we can now understand that we must be transparent so that His light can pass through us unobstructed.

Something that is impure (Tamei) is opaque or closed up. The light cannot pass through. It is non-receptive to that which is Godly. As we become involved in the impure things of the world we become more and more opaque.

While we all know these things to be true, I am struck at God’s use of artistic terms to explain the deep mysteries of His Kingdom.

May each of us yearn for purity so that God’s glorious light might burst forth from us like a radiant sunset.

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