Free Art Lesson

Free lesson puzzleHere is an opportunity to find out if you’d enjoy taking the art classes that are available on my website, That’s where you will find all the material to try this FREE lesson.

The Purpose of the Lesson:

Understanding The Right and Left Hemisphere’s of the Brain

The two sides of the brain are designed to perform different functions.

The left side is designed for language, numbers, and a type of thinking called “logic-sequential.” Logic-sequential is systematic, rational thinking. It is effective but slow and tends to operate at a very cognitive level. That means that you know you are thinking. You can verbalize it, and you know what step you are on. Reading, writing, speaking, and math-related activities are all examples of left brain activities

The right side of the brain is designed for spatial relations (how things are related in space), and a type of thinking that we would call “global” (meaning that we see the big picture all together) and “intuitive” (meaning that we just know what we know without being aware how we got to the awareness). This way of thinking is fast and feels “automatic.” Music, athletics, driving, and art are all examples of right brain activities when performed at their more accomplished levels, but the “learning phase” of these activities involve more left-brain function.

Consequently, most of these activities involve both the left and right side at various times. Regrettably modern life and especially the educational system have emphasized left brain activities to such a great extent that we are endanger of losing right brain skill. One of the great advantages of studying art is to strengthen right brain skills and develop the ability to move from one side to the other.


In the FREE LESSON you will work from the right side of your brain as you concentrate ONLY on how the lines and shapes of a puzzle intersect a grid. As you study each square of the puzzle, you will carefully reproduce exactly what you see on the appropriate square of a clean grid. Your goal is NOT to try to guess what the subject matter is. Doing so would keep you trapped in the left side of your brain.

Go to the website ( to download a .pdf of everything you will need to start the free lesson. When you are finished you can go back to the website to download another .pdf of the solution and some more fascinating aspects of this free lesson.

From doing this exercise you will discover what it would be like to take classes with The Genesis Approach to Art.

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