Introducing: Art-in-the-Car!

After writing and publishing my book, The Genesis Approach to Art, I became more and more convinced that I needed to find a way to make the principles and concepts presented in my book available to children. I originally thought that adults who read my book would find ways to incorporate the ideas into material for children, but apparently that was a task the Lord was saving for me to do.

It all came together a few months ago when I was talking to a home school activist who commented on how much time parents spend in the car with their kids and how desperate they are for material that can be incorporated into their busy, on-the-go schedules. Suddenly the idea was just sitting there in front of me. I needed to show parents how they could reinforce artistic concepts right from their car windows. After all, I had done exactly that while I was raising my own four kiddos. Art in the Car

Thus “Art-in-the-Car” was born. It is an art curriculum for grade school aged children available AT NO EXPENSE from my website ( It is designed for adults who have read my book and are eager to make a scripturally-sound and spiritually-rich art curriculum available to their children or students.

If you are interested in knowing more, please read the information under the “Art-in-the-Car” tab on the website. I’m going to close this blog with a poem that I’ve written to introduce it.

Introducing Art-in-the-Car

Art in the Car!
Art in the Car!
Can we really do Art in the Car?

Yes we can.
We really can do Art in the Car.
Everyone can do it, Art.
You can do it
And your friend, Bart,
He can do it too.

On the way to the zoo
Or under the star
Even when we go far.
It’s always fun to do art in the car.

And it’s good for you, too.
It opens your heart, and
It makes you smart
As long as you don’t fart
We’ll all have fun
With Art in the Car.

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