Speaking As An Egg

Last week I began sharing with you some insights that I believe the Lord gave me to understand how we can reconcile so much suffering in our World with the knowledge that He is a good God who is Love. I shared with you a time when I had asked the Lord if life really had to involve so much pain. He told me that my problem was that I think of Him as having finished His creation when in fact He is still in the process of completing His creation. He used the creative process that I was involved in to help me understand.
broken egg

Here is a little parable that I wrote to try to wrap my mind around the concepts that He had revealed to me:

Once there was a baker who desired to bake a cake. He took the eggs, cracked them into his bowl. He measured out the flour and sugar and shortening and all the other ingredients. He sifted to remove impurities and improve the texture. He beat and mixed until none of the ingredients were recognizable. Then he poured the batter into his pans and baked them in the oven. The results of his efforts were wonderful. Everyone appreciated the final outcome. To all who saw it, it was delightful.

Ahhhh, but to the egg. . . now that was a different matter. The egg was not at all impressed. The egg had not only suffered the cracking, a miserable experience, but his shell had been ripped away entirely. He had laid there vulnerable and exposed. And then it happened. There was no mercy extended to the poor little egg. The worst thing that could happen–did happen. He was beaten and whipped and forced to accept the other ingredients until his own identity was totally destroyed. To the egg the baker’s creation was calamity. It was personal destruction. The egg couldn’t see the grand thing he had been privileged to be part of.

The Lord showed me that we are like that little egg. We think that His goal should be to protect our egg-ness. Keep us cool and comfortably nestled safely in our little container with all the others that are just like us. Most of our prayers are designed to remind Him of the needs of our egg-ness, of the importance of our wholeness. It is inconceivable that the Baker could have a goal that requires us to totally give up ourselves. But when you think about it, an egg isn’t really good for much of anything until it is broken or at least fertilized by the rooster.

I suppose our little analogy might be even more effective if we imagined that the Baker were to ask the carton of eggs, which of them wanted to be used by Him, if He were to allow them to choose Him and His purposes. But I think that those of us who do choose Him don’t really understand what is going to be expected of us. After all, how much can you expect out of an egg.

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