Holiday Traditions

Each year I set up a winter village of miniatures. I call it “Christmas in Durango.” The setting is about 1900 so it can support a mixture of horse drawn wagons and some “new” automobiles. Over the years it has become more and more elaborate and my husband has joined me in the challenge of getting it set up. As my grand-daughter and I were looking it over the other day I was pointing out to her how many art principles were involved, and I decided that I would share it with you by way of saying “Merry Christmas!”
Christmas Village 5

One of the challenges with this village is that it has developed over the years from many different sources. Consequently, nothing is the same scale. The houses in the upper right are so small they are dwarfed by the larger buildings that are lower. By considering them background, however, they all manage to fit together without looking weird.

Another challenge was simply how many pieces we have accumulated. We keep it all contained in a 7 x 5 foot space by going up. I use to use the boxes that the buildings were stored in to create the hills, but when we added the trains, my husband built platforms so we’d have tunnels for the trains. The boxes get piled on top of the two platforms to create additional height.

Village 2 with Lake, trestle, and boulders

Village 2 with Lake, trestle, and boulders

Mirrors form lakes, of course, and I picked up rocks from the backyard to create the boulders under the train trestle. Using a variety of different types of trees helps to create a natural look. Some of the small trees had trouble standing up, but I found when I glued them to a flat stone from the backyard they did much better.

Village 3 with oversized figures

Village 3 with oversized figures

In the lower part of this photo you will notice a snowman and a “grandpa” that are also way too big. That was another piece that was given to me, but it works as long as it is very close to the front edge.

Finally in the last picture I’ve used yellow ovals to bring your attention to a scrap of aqua velour I’ve used to create a meandering river and waterfall coming down the mountain and emptying into the lake at the base.

Village 4 with river marked in yellow

Village 4 with river marked in yellow

It’s fun to use all of the principles of art to put together such a delightful fantasy world. Thanks for letting me share it with you.

Be blessed this holiday season.

2 responses to “Holiday Traditions

  1. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I have a similar Christmas village, but it is smaller. I’ve been thinking about adding too it and you have given me some great ideas. I love looking at it when it is all lit up. Perhaps next year my little village will be bigger. Blessings to you.

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