Dramatic Monologues: ‘The Donkey Man’

As I explained last week I am going to share the monologues from a script that I wrote for the next several weeks to allow myself time to work on a painting project that is groaning within me.

I’m going to leave the stage directions just in case you want to use it in your own church. When put altogether they result in a dramatic presentation of the passion of Christ that runs about an hour long.

1. Musical Introduction: “Were you there when the Crucified the Lord?”

2. Action: Man w/ donkey moves onto Set B in the dark during last verse of “Were you there”

3. Props/Costume: Biblical garb, carries a coil of rope and has a saddle blanket tossed over his shoulder

4. Lights: Down on Singer, Spot up on Set B

5. Sound: Live on Set B

6. First Soliloquy Man w/ donkey, Set B

“Was I there when they crucified the Lord? Well, I was there when He entered Jerusalem the Sunday before. In fact his disciples came to borrow one of my donkeys (hold up the rope). He sat on this very blanket. (indicating blanket) It was so exciting: the dancing and the singing and the people all celebrating His arrival. Why, they came down this very street and right by me standing here with my little pen of donkeys. I was smiling and waving as they came by, and then He turned and looked at ME. He smiled and beckoned like . . . like He wanted me to follow Him. Oh my heart just exploded within me. I wanted to follow Him right then. Really I did, but. . . but. . . I had these animals to care for. I couldn’t just leave them, you know. Animals take a lot of care. I had responsibilities. And then it was over. He and His followers were gone. The moment had passed. And I . . . well, I went on about my business of feeding and watering and grooming and cleaning up the manure. But that longing never eased. Oh, I know that He was crucified less than a week later, but I heard the most amazing rumors that after lying in the grave rotting for three days He was seen ALIVE by His followers. I thought about trying to find His disciples and asking about it, but then I noticed that the stalls needed cleaning. Business was pretty good that spring and summer. I even had to add another couple donkeys, and then I was busier than ever keeping up with the feeding and watering and grooming and cleaning up the manure. And so it went year after year and in the end my life amounted to one long continuous cycle of feeding and watering and grooming and cleaning up manure. But there has always been that vague emptiness inside of me. I’ve wondered. . . what would have happened if I’d gone after Him that day. Did He have something else planned for my life? Some other purpose that I might have been part of? Well, I’d better get back to work now. There’s always so much manure to clean up. “

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