Dramatic Monologues: ‘The Serving Lady’

During the next several weeks I am sharing the soliloquies from a script that I wrote to allow myself time to work on a painting project.

I’m leaving the stage directions in case you want to use it in your own church. When put together the monologues result in a dramatic presentation of the passion of Christ that runs a little less than an hour long.

Stage Directions: Serving lady moves onto Set A in the dark during the donkey man’s soliloquy.

Props/Costume: Wearing a biblical outfit, but has her head piece anchored back, sleeves rolled up, and a piece of light fabric tied around her middle – apron style.

Bridge music plays “Were You There” to provide a brief transition to Soliloquy

Lights: Spot Off on Set B Up on Set A

Sound: Live on Set A

Second Soliloquy Serving Lady, Set A

“Was I there when they crucified the Lord? Well, I wasn’t there. . . but I was HERE. I was right here when He and His disciples came to share the Passover meal in this very room. Of course I was very busy so I didn’t really get to know Him, but I was certainly busy serving Him nonetheless. You know how it is “Woman’s work is never done.” There was the room to decorate, and the linens to iron, food to prepare, and then serve it all, of course, not to mention the clean up afterwards. Oy! All those trips up and down the stairs. Why they had to use the upper room I’ll never know. And it wouldn’t have been so bad if they had all arrived together. But, no! No sooner did the Rabbi get settled down with eleven of them, when suddenly there is a pounding on the door and I have to go back downstairs to let in a twelfth one. And to make matters worse, that guy only stayed long enough to dirty the linens and off he goes again banging down the stairs and leaving the door hanging open. It was a long evening, that one was. You’d think after three years that He would have taught them everything they needed to know already, but no the evening went on and on. I remember Him asking for a basin, a pitcher of water and a towel. He wanted to do some object lesson about washing their feet or something. Of course it was me that went down to gather it all up for Him, that’s just how I am. The other serving people lingered in the room and doorways as much as possible to try to hear what He was saying, but not me. Somebody’s got to take care of getting things done. When they finally left late that night, all of the other serving people went with him to pray during His final hours. Even my mistress’s boy, Mark, jumped out of bed and followed after them dragging his clean sheet up and down the hillsides. They told me to leave the clean-up alone, and they would do it when they got back. But that’s just not my way. There was work to be done and I’m the kind of person that is going to stay focused on the work and get the job done right. After all, the good book says, “Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth.” Of course, I’ve never managed to get wealth. No just an aching back and arthritic knees. Once I got everything cleaned up, I sat down with that basin of water and soaked my poor bunions. That’s where I was when they came back a few hours later to tell me of His arrest.”

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