Dramatic Monologues: ‘The Disciple’

I’m sharing monologues with you from a script that I wrote about the passion of Christ. This is the third in the series. Stage notes are left in case you want to use it in a production. The production used two sets to the left and right of center stage allowing the musical interludes to be presented from there.

Action: Disciple moves onto Set B in dark during serving lady’s soliloquy.
Props & Costumes: Biblical costume w/ a fishing net in his hand.
Lights: Off on Set A. Light up on Disciple on set B
Sound: Off on Set A. Live on Set B
Music Bridge music plays “Were You There” to provide a brief transition to the next Soliloquy

Third Soliloquy: Disciple, Set B

“Was I there when they crucified the Lord? No, I am embarrassed to say, I wasn’t. But I had been there for everything else. Just between you and me, I had been right there by His side, one of His twelve. I’d been there for all of it, and I loved every exciting minute of it. Seeing the people healed, experiencing the miracles, and listening to Him preach. Wow! He could keep us in awe for hours. I never regretted giving up the tedious routine of my life to follow Him. I felt really important for the first time in my life. He relied on us to assist Him. We organized the people and kept order and even handed out the miraculous bread and fish in the feeding of the multitude. Sometimes He encouraged us to come away with Him to pray, but I didn’t usually go, and when I did I’d fall asleep. That’s just too quiet an activity for me. I like the faster pace, the exciting experiences. As we moved from town to town, He would send us ahead to get things ready. All I needed to do was use His name. “Jesus sent me. The Master has need of it. The Nazarene has asked. . . The Rabbi from the Galilee will be arriving.” It was wonderful to have people looking up to me. In every town and village we went into there would be the most phenomenal gatherings as people came from miles and miles around. Oh, as long as serving the Lord was that exciting and thrilling, I would have spent my whole life by His side. Yes, I was there and part of it all right up to the moment that they came to the garden and arrested Him. I ran away then. All of us disciples did. We kind of scattered. I went back to Bethany to Mary and Martha’s house for a few days. I couldn’t believe that it was over and that it ended so suddenly: So unexpectedly. Just the week before we were in the middle of the largest, most admiring crowds ever, and now it was gone. It was all just a wonderful memory. I don’t know what I will do now. Reality is beginning to set in: Hey, I was lucky that I got away with my life! I’ve slipped into Jerusalem this morning to see if I can find out what’s happening. Then I’m going on back to my old life up north. Even though I loved the attention before, I’m hoping that I will be unnoticed now. I’m hoping that people will forget that I was ever part of it

If you want to produce this for your church you might want to include a Via Dolorosa scene with crucifixion at this point.

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