Dramatic Monologues: ‘Satan’

I am enjoying sharing these soliloquies with you from a script that I wrote several years ago around the song “Were You There When They Crucified the Lord?” Theater is my other love. Currently I am working on a painting and sharing these is allowing me the time to work on it.

This fourth soliloquy is one that Satan would deliver following some kind of dramatic or musical depiction of the arrest and scourging of Christ but before the Crucifixion.

Fourth Soliloquy: Satan

“Was I there when they crucified that self-righteous pretender? Oh, you bet I was. I set the whole thing up, and I wouldn’t have missed one delicious moment of it. I had been watching since the beginning of creation for an opportunity to bring him down. It was I who deceived that stupid, gullible woman in the garden. It was I who inspired Nimrod in ancient Babel. And it was I who sent Fear to possess Pharaoh so that he would try to wipe out all the Jews for me. It would have worked too. If it hadn’t been for the slobbering sentimentality of Pharoah’s daughter, I would have been wonderfully victorious. And where do you think those giants came from that inhabited Canaan. All I had to do was keep the Jews out of their “promised land” and this “promised one” would have never shown up. But no, that plan didn’t work either. Who would have thought that 40 years in the desert would result in courage and persistence? But I’m not so easily put off. I know a little about persistence myself. I was sure that I had found the perfect opportunity when the Jehovah God decided to send His son in the form of a squalling, human infant. What could be more helpless and vulnerable? And Herod was the perfect pawn. My demons of Paranoia and Power stuck to him like slime on filth. It wasn’t my fault that angelic minions managed to convince Joseph to move to Egypt. But none of those past defeats matter now. When it came right down to it, it was so easy. The fool walked right into my plan. You would almost think He wanted to get Himself crucified. But there can be no doubt about it, it all came about because of MY cunning: Stirring up the religious leaders against him, convincing his own follower to betray him, bringing down the full power of Rome on him, whetting the blood lust of the mob. Oh yes! This is my most magnificent moment, and I will enjoy every second. His blood will splatter onto the pavement. His eyes will roll back in their sockets. He will cry out in agony when he realizes that even the Creator has abandoned him. Then my time will finally have come. I will have cut off every hope of escape that YOU could ever have. You will belong to me totally and forever. I must go now. I have a very important appointment to keep, but I will be back for you when I am finished. I have plans for your stinking soul that will keep you busy forever. You can count on it.

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