Dramatic Monologues: ‘Religious Family’

This is the sixth monologue that I am sharing with you from a series of characters that I imagine might have been in Jerusalem the day that Christ was crucified. They are each answering the musical question, “Were You There When They Crucified the Lord?”

I have left the stage directions in the event that you want to use them for your own church.

Action: Children and Soloist/Dad move onto Set B in the dark during the previous soliloquy. Oldest son is the speaker
Props/Costume: Biblical clothes with yarmulkes for boys. Length of rope tied into an empty noose for older boy. Following boy’s soliloquy, “Dad” will sing “Children, Watch the Lamb.”
Music: Bridge music plays “Were You There” as transition from previous Soliloquy
Lights: Lights off on Set A. Up on B.
Sound: Kill Set A. Live on Set B

Sixth Soliloquy: Religiously Observant Son

“Sure we were there in Jerusalem when they crucified the Lord. It was Passover, and we are devoutly religious. We live our lives to please God. We try to follow every law that our religion teaches. Weeks before that Passover, Dad had helped me select the most perfect new lamb that was born that spring. It was my job to care for him. I fed him and protected him and groomed him carefully every day. When it was finally time to make the long trip into Jerusalem for Passover, we were afraid that the little lamb might become injured or sickly, so we put the lamb in the wagon and we walked the many, many miles. But that was okay. It was a sacrifice for the Lord. It was supposed to cost us something. By our willingness to give up our time, convenience, and comfort, the blood sacrifice of our perfect little lamb would be acceptable to Jehovah God and our sins would be forgiven for another year. That’s what the Holy Scripture teaches: Forgiveness comes through the shedding of innocent blood. It has been that way since Jehovah God covered the sins of the first parents with the animal skins that He, Himself, had slain with His own hand. This Passover shouldn’t have been any different than all the others. We came to fulfill a religious duty: To keep the law. We didn’t want to get distracted. We didn’t understand what the commotion was all about. It had nothing to do with us. We were just there to please God by fulfilling our religious obligation. But we did get caught up in what was happening in Jerusalem that day, and it would affect us for the rest of our lives. We would never see our religious activities the same. While we had gone that day to make a sacrifice for God, we were about to learn that God had one to make for us.”

Lights: Stay on Set B
Sound: Live for Soloist on Set B
Special Music: Soloist : Children, Watch the Lamb

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