Were You There? – A Summary

For the last two and-a-half months I have been sharing with you soliloquies of first century characters in an Easter program that I wrote for my church. I used the song “Were You There When They Crucified the Lord?” to provide the structure and theme for the program.

The question that now remains is ‘Were YOU there when they crucified the Lord?’ Yes, YOU– the faithful readers of my blog. And the answer, without a doubt is “YES!” Everyone one of us was there. As St Paul said in his soliloquy, ‘When He was on the cross each and every one of us was on His mind.’ So the question is not so much whether you were there. The question is what is your testimony about being there?

• Are you like the man with the donkey who felt the Lord tug at his heart, but the cares and responsibilities of this life held him in bondage so that he never responded?

• Or perhaps you are like the serving woman from the Last Supper who works so hard to serve the Lord that you’re worn out, because you’ve never taken the time to know Him and love Him.

• Or maybe your story is like that of the servant of the high priest. You have felt the touch of God in a powerful way. Perhaps he has healed your body, restored your finances, or brought a child back from the far country, but your need to fit in with your unsaved friends has caused you to turn your back on Him.

• Or could it be, like the children with the lamb, that you have turned the faith of your parents into a religious obligation, and you have not yet discovered the life giving power of it in your own life.

Whatever the reason is that you haven’t followed Him before; it is time to do so now.

Next week I will return to my other passion and once again share posts related to the visual arts. I believe more and more as the days go by and the years add up, that the Lord has given us the creative arts to serve His kingdom. I hope that I have been faithful to do so in these posts.

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